Veritas Module 4




Module 4 in the Veritas College International foundation training equips the participant in the skills to effectively serve people according to biblical principles. Each Unit focuses on a practical skill for Christian service that the participant can apply to his or her service of others. We use the writings of Scripture as the source for belief and practice in these skills, therefore the four gospels, the book of Acts, and the book of Revelation form the foundation for each skill we present in module 4.

In addition to learning how to understand and apply the message of these books, the participants will learn how to care well for others, steward their resources, respond appropriately to anti-Christian government, recognize and reject false religious paths, as well as analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their local church to improve their ability to serve. All of these skills will be presented through the understanding and application of the message of God’s Word into the lives of believers.

Module 4 is a 20-week course (2 hours per week). The following units make up the full content of module 4:

Unit A:  Key Concepts in the Gospels
Unit B:  Jesus Teaches us to Care
Unit C:  Worry, Temptation, and Money
Unit D:  Your Kingdom Come
Unit E:  Gospel of John
Unit F:  Acts and the Church
Unit G:  Revelation, Christ, and Government
Unit H:  Revelation, Religion, and Morality


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