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veritas College

Biblical Training

Veritas College equips lay leaders, small group leaders, and pastors to better understand the beauty and truth of the inspired Word of God.

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Why Veritas?

  • Leaders can ‘serve while learning’ and therefore do not have to leave their ministries to go and study somewhere else.
  • The curriculum, consisting of four modules, covers skills to interpret any part of the Bible.
  • The training is effective in many different cultures since the focus is on the contextual application of Biblical truths and skills development.
  • The Veritas curriculum can be presented almost anywhere and is not dependent on expensive buildings or the latest technology – things that are often difficult for small churches to access.
  • Christian leaders can be trained for a fraction of the cost of comparable university training.
  • With the help of donors Veritas subsidizes numerous church leaders who are otherwise unable to afford training.

Curriculum Overview

Module 1

Module 1 units are available via recorded sessions.  While Veritas is built around live workshop interaction, these recorded sessions are offered to introduce you to the material or to prepare to join a live cohort that is already partially through a module.

Your purchase will contain a google classroom link with access to video recordings and all necessary classroom materials.


  • Unit A: How to Lead a Bible Study.  ($20)
  • Unit B: Understanding and Applying the Bible ($20)
  • Unit C: Understanding Different Translations ($10)
  • Unit D: How to Live a Spiritual Life $(20)
  • Unit E: How to Overcome Temptation/Sin ($10)
  • Unit F: The Dynamics of Church Life- Bonus – How to Preach

Purchase the entire module 1 ($70)

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Module 2

Module 2 units are now available via recorded Zoom sessions


  • Unit A:  Old Testament Worldview
  • Unit B:  What is Covenant?
  • Unit C:  Reading Moses
  • Unit D:  Jesus and Leviticus
  • Unit E:  Living the Big 10
  • Unit F:  Reading Ancient Stories
  • Unit G:  Leading Children
  • Unit H:  Christian Family

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Module 3


  • Unit A:  The Psalms
  • Unit B:  Praise and Worship and the Psalms
  • Unit C:  Prophesy in the Psalms
  • Unit D:  Wisdom Literature
  • Unit E:  Biblical Counseling
  • Unit F:  Applying the Prophets
  • Unit G:  Prophecy in the Church

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Module 4


  • Unit A:  Key Concepts in the Gospels
  • Unit B:  Jesus Teaches us to Care
  • Unit C:  Worry, Temptation, and Money
  • Unit D:  Your Kingdom Come
  • Unit E:  Gospel of John
  • Unit F:  Acts and the Church
  • Unit G:  Revelation, Christ, and Government
  • Unit H:  Revelation, Religion, and Morality

No Upcoming Sessions

Become a Facilitator

Veritas participants may become certified to facilitate the Veritas modules by taking the Facilitator Training after completing each module.   



  • Module 1- New Testament Epistles
  • Module 2- Old Testament Historical Narratives
  • Module 3- Poetry
  • Module 4- New Testament Historical Narratives

About Veritas College International

Veritas College International was founded in the United Kingdom in 1992. The official headquarters for Veritas is in Perth, Australia. Veritas has some form of ongoing training in 42 countries. Its primary strategy is to work through partnerships with churches and affiliated organizations. Equipping local churches to train their own and other local leaders for Biblical ministry is at the core of the Veritas vision. The Veritas teaching method has been developed through years of research and field-testing so that it applies to any culture.

Veritas has a growing network of local church partners that serve as training bases. Participants who complete local trainings are then available to conduct additional training in their own church and other Christian organizations in their personal network.