Daily Rhythm


Rhythm provides a means for everyone who participates in music to collaborate with the end result being unity and beauty even while maintaining individuality of expression.

Spiritual practices maintained consistently in community offer the same result.

Spiritual rhythms are practices maintained in community that allow individual expressions of spiritual life to be made together with a beautiful and unified result.

We invite you to join our daily morning and day-end rhythms and start the day off in the right mindset, and at the end of the day evaluate your day with others. Every Monday we have a special Growability lunch open to members and guests and on Thursdays we come together during lunch to discuss how to apply biblical methods and principles in to our daily lives.

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Morning Meditation

Join us weekday mornings at 7:25 – 7:50 for devotion, prayer, meditation, connection (and our own coffee blend) to begin your day with purpose and alignment.

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Lunch and Learn

Join us Monday at noon for a Growability Lunch and Learn – open to members and guests. (that’s you.)

Join us Thursday at noon for Scriptural study applying methods and principles from our Veritas sessions – no previous training required. open to members and guests (that’s you too.)


Day-end review

Our daily evaluation of our work done, and adjustments to make. Work / Home pivot.