Abbey’s Calling

Abbey's Calling


The Abbey Murfreesboro’s vision is to inspire and equip entrepreneurs, artists, and spiritual leaders in Murfreesboro to live out their purpose by integrating spiritual rhythms in their daily lives, equipping each other with skills, and participating in a collaborative community that celebrates the creation of beautiful culture.


The Abbey Murfreesboro creates community by offering various collaborative spaces, practicing spiritual rhythms, facilitating the sharing of skills through classes and workshops, and celebrating culture through events and activities.


We promise to meet vulnerability (need, lack, weakness, ignorance, and limited resource) with kindness (service, generosity, hospitality, equipping, and sharing). 

We promise to participate in and create beauty (the goodness of God expressed in the 5 senses)

We promise to pursue purpose. To “glorify God and enjoy him forever” is our “why”. Meaningful work is about participation (collaboration) in God’s great enterprise (creation/culture) and finding delight in him.