Veritas Module 1, Unit A – How to Lead a Bible Study : Recorded Sessions




How to Lead a Bible Study:
Overview:  Veritas Module 1, Unit A

Module 1 equips the participant in the skills to effectively serve people according to biblical principles. Each unit focuses on a practical skill for Christian service that the participant can apply to his or her service of others. We use the writings of Scripture as the source for belief and practice in these skills, therefore the New Testament letters form the foundation for each skill we present in module 1.

In Unit A, the participant will learn the skill of leading a small group Bible study. This unit is a 5 session (1.5 hours per session) course. In it, the participant will learn the steps to understanding, applying, and communicating the message of Ephesians 2:1-10. Additionally, the course facilitator will help each participant practice the skills needed to lead a small group in the context of the unit. We will practice the principles we are learning together.


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