Veritas Module 2




Join us for the second module of Veritas training via zoom.

Completion of module 1 (all units) is required.

These sessions will begin Sep. 20th and run from 5:00 – 7:00 pm for 22 weeks.(With the purchase of this item you will receive a zoom invitation to our meeting times and digital download of the study guide)

Unit A Old Testament Worldview 1-3
6 hrs./ 4 wks.
Unit B What is Covenant? 4-5
3 hrs./ 2 wks.
Unit C Reading Moses 6-7
4.5 hrs./ 3 wks.
Unit D Jesus and Leviticus 8-13
9 hrs./ 6 wks.
Unit E Living the Big 10 14-16
4.5 hrs./ 3 wks.
Unit F Reading Ancient Stories 17-19
6 hrs./ 4 wks.
Unit G Leading Children 20-22
6 hrs./ 4 wks.
Unit H Christian Family 23-26
6 hrs./ 4 wks.



Module 2 equips the participant in the skills to effectively serve people according to biblical principles. Each Unit focuses on a practical skill for Christian service that the participant can apply to his or her service of others. We use the writings of Scripture as the source for belief and practice in these skills, therefore the Old Testament historical books and related New Testament writings form the foundation for each skill we present in module 2.

Module 2 is a 22-week course (2 hours per week). The following units make up the full content of module 2:

Unit A   Old Testament Worldview- How to discuss different religious perspectives

Unit B   What is Covenant?- How to connect the Old and New Testaments

Unit C   Reading Moses- How to survey a Bible book

Unit D   Jesus and Leviticus- How to engage in worship and prayer

Unit E   Living the Big 10- How to make ethical decisions

Unit F   Reading Ancient Stories- How to understand the lessons of a story

Unit G  Leading Children- How to teach/lead children

Unit H   Christian Family- How to participate in family and community


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